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It pays off
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Bayer’s Integrated Weed Management (IWM) Program is a global approach to enhance agricultural productivity and secure food supplies in the long term by offering customized solutions for weed control and strongly promoting best management practices more

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How to Stay Ahead in Weed Control

Farmers not only work hard; they are also entirely dedicated to agriculture. That makes them the perfect conversational partner for talking about the challenges of tomorrow’s world. 

Diversity is the Future!

Working in weed management means thinking diversely – because here at Bayer we know that’s the future.

Fighting Weeds for Better Meals

Farmers face many challenges when ensuring productivity of their farms. And weeds are one of the biggest contributing factors.

Shaping the future of weed control

Discover what our next generation of weed scientists are working on to secure the food demands of tomorrow.
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Season-long zero-tolerance weed management – it pays off!

At the recent U.S. Farm Progress Show Bayer communicated a clear message: It pays off for farmers to take a zero-tolerance approach to weed management, especially when tackling Palmer amaranth and waterhemp.

Fighting weed resistance – how Steve Powles helped us get innovation back on track

Weed resistance pioneer Steve Powles was honored with the 2018 Award for Research in Agrochemicals at the recent American Chemistry Society National Meeting in Boston. Read how Steve Powles inspired Bayer to fight weed resistance through innovation.

IWM Platform in Poland bringing educational added value

Discover more about the IWM Platform in Poland and how it is educating visitors on the positive economic and environmental impacts of various Integrated Weed Management (IWM) methods.

Successful launch of the IWM Platform in Serbia

Discover more about the launch of a three-year IWM Platform in Serbia focusing on sustainable weed management for arable farmers.
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Stories from the field


"Because of rotation our yields are phenomenal"

Scientists estimate half the fields on the Southern Alberta prairies have Group 1 herbicide-resistant wild oats. But cereal and cow-calf farmer Roy Newman has fixed the problem. How did he go about it?

The sun rises on crop diversity

Maize (corn) monocultures are a common sight on Hungary’s Northern Great Plain. But when Panicum riparium raised its ugly head in 2010, Istvan Szolomajer started rotating his crops to tackle this resistance threat. 

Turkey’s female pharmacist-farmer

A female farmer with a degree in pharmacy: Özden Karaevli’s detailed knowledge of chemistry gives her an added advantage in finding solutions to weed resistance. 

“México es maíz”

In Mexico’s main corn-growing region herbicide resistance has been causing concern for several years. Samuel Sahagun explains what he’s doing to tackle this challenge.

“No farm is an island”

With nearly 200 years of farming experience the Theron family has never stopped the exchange of information with South African farmers.

Helping herbicides through harvest weed seed control

As a plant biology professor and an agronomist, Steve Powles knows from personal experience how troubling resistant weeds are for farmers.