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How to increase awareness
on Integrated Weed Management?

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Often A Hidden Threat

If a particular weed management practice is working well and economically attractive, it is tempting for farmers to apply ‘the same procedure as every year’ – even if they’ve heard that over-reliance on a single measure can significantly increase selection pressure, which leads to resistant weeds. But many farmers are not even aware of the weed resistance issue because it is frequently a hidden threat. And that’s why Bayer is strongly promoting its Integrated Weed Management (IWM) program – worldwide.

What farmers think about weed resistance

In 2013 and 2014 Bayer questioned more than 4,000 farmers from 18 countries about their attitudes to weed resistance. Here are some of the findings:

Weed resistance perception

Top 5 potential measures against weed resistance from a grower`s perspective

Top 5 reasons for weed resistance from a grower`s perspective

IWM training – educating farmers

Education is key to triggering changes in weed management practices. That way, farmers learn how to use a varied toolbox of products and practices to keep weeds off balance and combat the build-up of resistance. Bayer’s global IWM program has already seen training measures implemented in many countries around the world. These IWM training sessions convey knowledge about sustainable weed control to farmers and others along the entire value chain. Above all, they are specifically tailored to the local cropping systems and implemented in the field, at face-to-face meetings or online.

Worker protection through product stewardship

Bayer is also committed to raising awareness about the safe handling and use of its herbicides. These are core activities in Bayer’s IWM program along with transparent communication of product safety information. Product stewardship involves both compliance with statutory requirements and voluntary commitment. To help enhance operator and environmental safety, Bayer was involved in developing the innovative easyFlow® system to ensure spill-free transfer of liquid crop protection products from a container to spraying equipment.



Why do we need to control weeds?

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IWM brochure

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