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How can services help to tackle weeds?


IWM services

A key element that differentiates Bayer from the competition is its comprehensive range of services to enhance implementation of best management practices. Bayer’s extensive experience and expertise enable tailored service solutions that help farmers control weeds, manage resistance issues, increase yields, and improve a farm’s productivity.

Weed Identification Apps


UK: Agronomy Tool


Germany: Unkräuter 


France: Gram ID




Bayer IWM training

Bayer provides tailored IWM training measures to different audiences (including stakeholders) and thus helps growers and partners to increase their weed management knowledge, improve their level of professionalism, and reduce the risk of wrong decisions. Numerous external training events also took place in 2016: Iran staged one with 40 attendees, Turkey around 100 with some 5,000 attendees, China up to 24 with 800-1,000 attendees, and Argentina over 10 with more than 1,000 attendees.

Resistance risk assessment tool

Bayer’s online resistance risk assessment tool enables growers or advisors to assess the risk of a weed population becoming resistant on a field-by-field basis, and provides growers with agronomic advice so they can better manage the risk. This tool is useful in recognizing the weed resistance risk early on, which can help to delay resistance evolution and reduce long-term weed control costs by changing practices and implementing weed control measures at an early stage. See further information on the top right.

IWM demo platform

Bayer is investing heavily in its IWM demo platform and invites customers and other interested parties to attend field days or similar events for demonstrations of trials focused on the latest IWM strategies, including chemical weed control strategies (spray programs), crop rotations, cultivation systems (soil management), seedbed management and application technology. The attendees benefit from the opportunity to learn about key agronomic challenges, get updated on the latest IWM practices, and swop expertise and experience with experts and peers.

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Weed resistance diagnostics

The weed resistance diagnostics service provided by Bayer’s WRCC supplies growers with a field-by-field weed resistance status and resistance profile – target site, metabolism and multiple resistance to different modes of action. The findings are presented in a report, which also provides recommendations for a suitable weed management strategy. In this way, resistance diagnostics helps growers to reduce selection pressure and delay resistance evolution by changing weed management practices. The outcome is a reduction in yield loss due to weeds as well as in the time required for decisions to be taken on a suitable weed management strategy.



Resistance risk assessment tool

Check your resistance risk with our RESI-tool