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Why is the right solution
critical for fighting weeds?


Crop protection products, seeds & traits

One of Bayer’s core competencies is the development of integrated weed solutions. The starting point is Bayer’s significant investment in the research and development of new crop protection products, seeds and traits. From the first discovery of a new active ingredient, for example, it takes roughly 12 years and an average investment of over €250 m to get a crop protection product to market. Only around one active ingredient out of 160,000 substances finally overcomes the rigorous battery of numerous tests that ensure environmental safety and protect human health.

The seeds of success

High-quality seeds with one of the industry’s leading range of herbicide tolerance technologies, including inherent selectivity, safeners, breeding or built-in genes, pave the way for more convenient and productive weed control and a more competitive crop. Choosing the right variety with the right trait package can help make your crop more competitive against weeds.

How Bayer’s integrated weed solutions help

Integrated weed solutions from Bayer improve the productivity and quality of crops in a sustainable manner. Thanks to globally unmatched expertise in the discovery of new weed control solutions, Bayer is well placed to deliver integrated solutions that include innovative herbicides representing a broad range of modes of action and covering the entire spectrum of herbicide-tolerance technologies, including GM and non-GM solutions, as well as safener chemistry. Thanks to the broadest crop protection portfolio on the market, Bayer can offer innovative crop protection products in integrated systems that provide weed-free growth and thus protect crop yields and quality. In addition, Bayer’s integrated weed solutions include tailored services, such as agronomic support, weed identification systems, field demonstration trials, resistance diagnostics, prediction tools, and documentation aids.

What herbicide classification by mode of action means

When selecting the herbicides or herbicides tank mixes for an IWM program, it’s important to use different effective modes of action and consider the entire crop rotation. The Herbicide Resistance Action Committee (HRAC), the Canadian Weed Science Society (CWSS) and the Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) employ easy-to-use herbicide classification systems by mode of action, using letters and numbers respectively. HRAC references herbicide classes by letter and number as does the International Survey of Herbicide-Resistant Weeds, the reporting body for confirmed resistant weeds. Alternatively, the CWSS and WSSA group products with similar modes of action together by an assigned group number from 1 to 29.



HRAC Classification

For a complete listing of herbicide mechanisms of action, click here.

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